6 Most Common Hisun UTV Problems and How to Fix Them

The off-roading community has a mostly positive experience with the Hisun UTV. However, each owner has experienced one or more Hisun UTV issues. The most common Hisun UTV problems are overheating, failure to start, suspension issues, gear shift problems, electrical issues, and fuel injector problems.

Some of these problems are a natural outcome of your UTV’s wear, while others may occur due to poor maintenance. Herein is a detailed description of each problem and possible fixes.

The Engine Won’t Start

Problematic starts are common among Hisun UTVs. The battery is the leading reason your Hisun UTV won’t start, especially when you haven’t used the UTV for a few months.

During cold weather or after a period of inactivity, your UTV’s battery loses charge. Charging or placing the battery in a warm place should resolve the issue. However, you might have to replace it if it doesn’t hold a charge.

The level and quality of fuel in your UTV also influence whether it starts. Your UTV needs fuel, so ensure you’ve filled your tank before starting it. The fuel must be of good quality to be efficient. Fuel that has sat in your tank for several months is ineffective. Drain it and use fresh fuel to run your UTV.

Worn spark plugs could also prevent your engine from starting. The spark plug helps generate the spark required for combustion. Replace spark plugs regularly or when they are damaged.


Overheating is a common Hisun engine problem, especially in the earlier models. Overheating can occur when you overload the engine or have low coolant levels.

Overloading the engine means it works more than usual, resulting in a much hotter engine. You can prevent the issue by loading what your UTV can carry.

Low coolant levels could also interfere with the engine’s ability to cool down. You may have low coolant levels due to leaks or haven’t refilled the coolant for some time. Start by checking the coolant levels and refill to the required levels. If your engine spends the coolant too fast, check for possible leaks and replace the leaking parts.

A clogged radiator could also cause your engine to overheat. The debris in the radiator prevents heat transfer. Regularly cleaning the radiator should prevent the issue from recurring.

Suspension Problems

Hisun UTV problems also affect the suspension system. Broken suspension components are a problem many Hisun UTV owners have reported. Shocks and springs are the most likely to break, resulting in issues such as bouncing when driving or rough driving.

Another suspension problem you could experience is worn bushings, resulting in a rough ride. You can prevent most of these suspension problems from occurring with regular maintenance. During maintenance, examine each suspension component for damage or wear and replace or repair them as necessary.

Here are the solutions you can explore if the problem has already occurred:

  • Check for signs of wear and damage on the suspension components and repair or replace them as required
  • Tighten or loosen suspension components such as shock absorbers to improve performance
  • Ensure your tires have the right pressure to avoid suspension problems
  • Drive carefully. For example, carry the right load weight and don’t drive aggressively, especially over rough terrain, to minimize strain on the suspension system

Fuel Injector Issues

Fuel injection issues are one of the common Hisun UTV issues. It occurs due to dirt in the fuel injector, wear, and contaminated or poor-quality fuel.

These problems can cause various issues, such as rough idling, engine stalling, engine misfiring, decreased engine power, and low fuel economy.

Fortunately, you can resolve the problem by identifying and fixing its source. Start by examining the fuel in your UTV. Check for contaminants such as dirt or water. Replace the fuel if it has been in the tank for several months.

If the fuel is not the reason behind your UTV’s fuel injector problems, check the injector itself for dirt or wear. Clean any debris using the recommended fuel injector cleaner and replace it if worn out. Regular fuel system cleaning can reduce the chances of fuel injector problems due to dirt and debris.

Electrical Issues

Electrical issues are among the most common Hisun UTV problems. Electrical malfunctions in your Hisun UTV might arise due to the following reasons:

  • Battery issues
  • Blown fuses
  • Ignition system issues
  • Faulty wiring

Battery issues include charging issues or problems retaining charge in the battery. Faulty voltage regulators can affect a battery’s ability to charge or retain a charge. You can resolve battery issues by replacing the battery.

Blown fuses can occur when the live and earth wire touch, increasing current, thus blowing a fuse. Blown fuses can also occur due to water damage or a faulty electrical component that draws more current than it should. Take your UTV to a qualified technician if it keeps blowing fuses.

Faulty wiring could also contribute to your UTV’s electrical issues. Wiring issues could be in the form of faulty switches, damaged wiring, and loose connections. Telltale signs of faulty wiring in your Hisun UTV are:

  • Loss of power
  • Lights not working
  • The battery keeps dying
  • Blown fuses
  • Buzzing
  • The smell of burning or smoke from your UTV

When you notice these signs, take your UTV to a qualified technician for a thorough investigation and repair.

Gear Shift Problems

Hisun UTV shift problems manifest as difficulty shifting from low to high gear and vice versa. These problems could also cause a grinding noise each time you change gears.

Gear shift problems occur due to weakness in the shift linkage system, forcing the lock nuts out of alignment. Tightening the lock nuts should resolve the issue.

Shifting issues could also occur due to an idle that is too high. When your UTV idles higher than it should, it engages the clutch, making it difficult to shift gears.

Clutch problems, such as dirty or weak components, could also contribute to gear-shifting problems. You should clean the clutch and replace any worn-out or damaged parts.

Gear shifting issues in your UTV could also occur due to a worn-out drive belt which you can replace with compatible Hisun UTV parts.

Fix These Problems as Soon as They Appear

Expect a few Hisun UTV problems, even with the most reliable Hisun UTV model. These problems can arise from poor maintenance, overburdening your UTV, negligent driving, or wear of the UTV components.

Fortunately, knowing what these problems are and how to troubleshoot them can save you some frustration. But, always remember the golden rule of solving any issues as soon as they arise to prevent costly and unnecessary repairs.