6 Most Frequent Hisun Sector 750 Problems and Effective Fixes

Hisun Sector 750 is a highly functional UTV, ideal for farm work and recreation activities. This side-by-side features a sturdy frame and A-arm nitrogen-assisted shocks, translating to longevity and a smooth drive. However, some owners have encountered several issues when using this UTV. The most common Hisun Sector 750 problems are overheating, problematic starts, stalling, transmission issues, clutch issues, and poor customer response from the manufacturer.

When shopping for a reliable UTV, it’s crucial to foresee potential problems you’ll face. Read on to learn about issues plaguing the Hisun 750 and how to solve them.

Starting Issues

A difficult start is among the frustrating issues you will encounter with the Hisun Sector 750. Your UTV won’t start for various reasons, the most common being an issue with the battery or the electrical unit. Insufficient or poor-quality fuel, a damaged fuel line, and a faulty starter can make starting difficult. 

The Fix

Start by inspecting the battery and the entire electrical system, as they are the probable origin of the problem. The battery might be low on charge, which calls for boosting. Bring another battery and connect the terminals to charge your battery. Do not hesitate to discard it if it is old, as the issue will recur.

Probe the wires and other connections to see if they are functional and fix them if they are not. Refill the fuel tank if the gas levels are low. Ensure you use high-quality fuel for a smooth drive.

You know you have a faulty starter when the engine fails to crank when you turn the ignition key. Get a new starter to avoid future complications.

Engine Stalling

Stalling is among the most common Hisun Sector 750 problems. You will mostly encounter this trouble when you try to accelerate. Possible causes of this complication are:

  • Insufficient gas
  • Wrong, low-quality, or contaminated fuel
  • A blocked fuel line
  • Bad spark plugs
  • Plugged muffler
  • Overheating 

The Fix

Fixing a stalling engine is straightforward, as most of the time, the fuel system is the root of the trouble. Fill up the gas tank with the recommended fuel. Cleaning the fuel line is the solution for wrong, low-quality, or contaminated gas. The flushing will also help with blockages, though you may use a vacuum pump to suck out the debris.

When did you last change your spark plugs? UTV spark plugs can serve you for 6 to 12 months, depending on the brand. Signs of bad plugs besides stalling are rough idling, misfiring, and poor fuel economy. Get high-quality spark plugs that will serve you decently.

Heavy exhaust fumes, a strong odor, and misfiring are signs of a bad muffler. Replacement is the logical answer for a clogged muffler.


Some Hisun Sector 750 problems stem from engine overheating. Overheating indicates an issue with the cooling unit, primarily the fan switch. In most Hisun models, the temperature sensor on the radiator will trigger the fan switch at around 220 degrees, which is too much for the engine. 

A faulty or dirty radiator, low coolant levels, a blown head gasket, and overloading can shoot up the engine’s temperature. Be keen on symptoms like stalling, excess smoke from the engine, a sickly sweet scent, or a burning odor.

The Fix

You address the fan switch delay situation by bypassing the sensor. You can connect a switch on the dash to the fan to turn it on when necessary. An experienced mechanic will help you with this modification.

Regularly inspect and clean the radiator. Use a radiator sealant to fix leaks and refill the coolant. It is advisable to replace a burst head gasket. Furthermore, do not push the UTV past its limits by overloading it. Never drive with an overheating engine, as you will further damage it, making repairs costly.

Hisun Sector 750 Transmission Problems

The main issue with the Hisun Sector 750’s transmission unit lies with the gears. Shifting the gears can be hard, and you may notice a grinding noise. Loose locking nuts on the turnbuckle linkage are the most likely genesis of this complication. Other troubles with the Hisun 750’s CVT may be due to low or dirty transmission fluid and cold weather.

The Fix

If shifting is hard, you must readjust the gears to bring the shift linkage to the correct position. You need to expose the engine bay to fix the loose locking nuts. Turn the gears until you lock them properly.

Fill up transmission fluid if it’s running low and change it if dirty. Check for leaks if you feel the level is abnormally low. Puddles of transmission fluid collecting under the UTV indicate a leak. Repair the broken part to avoid losing more fluid.

Hisun Sector 750 Clutch Problems

Hisun Sector 750 uses a wet clutch, a perfect option for UTVs. The clutch can get beat, presenting symptoms like high revs, hard shifts, and low gas mileage. It may also slip, leading to a stiff clutch lever.

The Fix

You should replace the clutches if they fail for a smooth drive and decent mileage. Bank on preventive measures like avoiding overloading the UTV. Additionally, do not continuously drive in high gear at low speeds, as it might contribute to the clutch issues. You should use the right oil to lubricate the clutch. The use of standard lubricant contributes to its damage.

Poor Warranty and Customer Support Response

Some Hisun Sector problems are not mechanical but have something to do with the company’s customer relations. Most Hisun products, including the Sector 750, have a 2-year warranty. The warranty terms are clear, but the issue lies when claiming it.

It appears Hisun is quite reluctant to settle the damages, taking too long to respond and not responding in some cases. The settlement process is a rollercoaster with the company officials, which is frustrating.

Contacting support is troublesome, with zero response being the order of the day. You can increase your chances of reaching the company by contacting it via several channels, like social media and email.

The solution to this hitch is visiting Hisun’s offices, dealerships, or service centers near you. It might be challenging if there are no Hisun premises around you.

Is Hisun Sector 750 Worth It?

The Hisun Sector 750 is a worthy acquisition, with an excellent towing value, suitable for farming and hunting. 

Above are the typical Hisun Sector 750 problems and their fixes. Most of the troubles are easy to handle, though some, like faulty gear, may need an experienced eye to fix.

The engine can be problematic, with hiccups such as difficult starts, overheating, and stalling. The good thing is the engine won’t be a pain if you routinely service it. 

The main headache is the customer support response. You can get past this trouble if you are near Hisun’s dealers.