7 Types of Greenworks Chainsaw Oil

Proper lubrication of your Greenworks chainsaw improves its cutting performance while extending its lifespan. Since you’re dealing with a battery-powered chainsaw, you need lubricating oil suited for your chainsaw’s guide bar and chain. Unfortunately, finding the best oil for your chainsaw can be a hassle.

Luckily, we’ve done all the hard work for you. This article helps you choose the best Greenworks chainsaw oil to help you tackle tree-cutting projects efficiently.

Best Oil for Greenworks Chainsaw: At a Glance

Below is a list of oils that suit your Greenworks chainsaw.

Greenworks Premium Bar & Chain Oil

Greenworks Premium Bar & Chain Oil is the best recommended lubricating oil for Greenworks chainsaws. This oil will improve the performance of your cordless chainsaw. It features an anti-fling formula that guarantees better protection of the bar and chain from wear and tear.

The oil lubricates the chain to reduce heat and friction while cutting. It also prevents dust accumulation to minimize downtime.

If you’re cutting sappy wood, this oil will ensure the chain doesn’t get gummed up. Overall, Greenworks Premium Bar & Chain Oil will extend the lifespan of your chainsaw’s guide bar and chain.


  • Extends the lifespan of bar and chain
  • Best for heavy-duty cutting
  • Improves chainsaw’s performance


  • Relatively pricey

Oregon Bar and Chain Oil

Best for: All seasons

If you prefer versatile chainsaw oil for tools with chains and bars, go for the Oregon Bar and Chain Oil. When used for Greenworks chainsaws, this oil boosts efficiency and performance. The oil has high-film strength for protecting the chain and bar from wear and tear.

Oregon Bar and Chain Oil is ideal for winter use but works perfectly in all seasons. It’s slippery and thin enough to pour easily without burning off the chain.

The oil clings tightly to the chain and bar to offer adequate protection. If you’re cutting or pruning sappy trees, this oil will prevent an accumulation of tree gum, sap, and resin on the chain.


  • Reduces buildup of tree gum, sap, and resin
  • Ideal for all seasons
  • Boosts chainsaw’s efficiency and performance


  • Too thin

Poulan Pro Bar and Chain Oil

Best for: Cold-weather use

Consider the Poulan Pro Bar and Chain Oil when looking for Greenworks chainsaw oil suited for the logging industry. This oil will help you handle all your projects thanks to its lower viscosity. It’ll reduce chain and bar friction in cold weather, improving the chainsaw’s performance.

The oil is tacky enough to help you tackle more challenging tasks without the chain coming off. It will also maximize lubricity while reducing heat buildup. Poulan Pro Bar and Chain Oil is also ideal for summer use but can be too thin in extreme temperatures.


  • Improves chainsaw’s performance in cold weather
  • Ideal for heavy-duty applications
  • Reduces chain and bar friction


  • Too thin for use in extreme temperatures

STIHL Platinum Bar and Chain Oil

Best for: Heavy-duty applications

STIHL Platinum Bar and Chain Oil is another ideal lubricant for your Greenworks chainsaw. It improves the chainsaw’s performance, especially in heavy-duty applications. If you use your chainsaw for longer working sessions, the oil will reduce friction and prevent overheating the chain and bar.

STIHL uses high-quality oils and additives when making this chainsaw oil. As a result, you can rely on STIHL Platinum Bar and Chain Oil in extreme temperatures without worrying about stutters or lags. The oil will also reduce sap buildup when cutting through sappy wood.


  • Ideal for heavy-duty applications
  • Reduces sap buildup
  • Extends chain and bar lifespan


  • Relatively costly

Maxpower Bar and Chain Oil

Best for: Summer use

Your Greenworks chainsaw might start to act up when the summer temperatures become extreme. If the lubricating oil in your chainsaw is the culprit, you may consider using a thicker oil.

Luckily, Maxpower Bar and Chain Oil is an excellent choice for summer applications. This oil is thick enough to reduce throw-offs and won’t thin out in extreme temperatures.

The manufacturer blends 100% virgin oil with anti-wear additives to prevent excessive chain and bar wear. It has a high tack adhesive to ensure no sling while cutting.


  • Ideal for summer use
  • Reduces throw-offs
  • Uses anti-wear additives


  • Somewhat expensive

Super Tech SEA 30 Bar and Chain Oil

Best for: Reducing metal fatigue

Super Tech SEA 30 Bar and Chain Oil is an all-around lubricating oil you can use with your Greenworks chainsaw.

It comes with a special tackiness additive that prevents sling-off and provides excellent lubrication. The oil will also prevent premature wear of the chain, bar, and sprockets while reducing metal fatigue.

Super Tech SEA 30 Bar and Chain Oil is ideal for low and high temperatures. It lubricates the chain to ensure the best performance, even at high RPM.


  • It uses a special thickness additive
  • Prevents premature chain wear
  • Remains on the chain even at high RPM


  • Thinner than other oil types and, therefore, not ideal for extreme temperatures

Sun Joe Premium Bar, Chain, and Sprocket Oil

Best for: All seasons

The Sun Joe Premium Bar, Chain, and Sprocket Oil is an all-season lubricant ideal for Greenworks chainsaws. It’s a high-performance oil that lubricates and prolongs the lifespan of chains, bars, and sprockets.

If you use the chainsaw at high RMP, this oil resists throw-offs to ensure smooth performance. It prevents rust and flows freely at low temperatures while withstanding high temperatures. Moreover, the Sun Joe Premium Oil prevents the buildup of sap when cutting sticky wood.

Unfortunately, this chainsaw oil is not as tacky as most oils from other brands, so it might result in slings while cutting.


  • An all-season bar, chain, and sprocket oil
  • Reduces rust and sap
  • Resists throw-offs


  • It causes slings than other brands

Wrap Up

Lubricating your Greenworks chainsaw’s bar and chain is a great way to keep the chainsaw in mint condition. Hopefully, this guide helps you to choose Greenworks chainsaw oil that suits your equipment. You can try several oil types to find the oil that works best with your chainsaw.