5 Most Common Gravely ZT HD 52 Problems and How to Fix Them

Gravely spares no effort in developing farming and landscaping utilities, evident from the ZT HD 52. This zero-turn lawn mower has excellent features like a sturdy build, a powerful engine, and a large 52-inch deck.

However, several Gravely ZT HD 52 owners have reported issues with their zero-turn mowers. The most common Gravely ZT HD 52 problems are starting issues, excessive smoke emissions, vibrations, transmission failure, and failure to drive straight.

Understanding the issues that may plague this zero-turn will prepare you for any eventuality if you acquire it. For your convenience, we present you with a detailed gravely troubleshooting guide, focusing on the problems of the ZT HD 52 and effective fixes.

Starting Issues

The Gravely ZT HD 52 is prone to starting problems, especially in cold weather. The engine may require several trials before starting or fail to turn over completely.  

When it is cold, the fuel may freeze and clog the fuel line. With little to no gas reaching the engine, the mower may fail to start. Additionally, the battery’s electrochemical processes are slower.

Other probable reasons behind a troublesome start are:

  • An empty gas tank
  • A dead battery
  • A clogged air or fuel filter
  • Bad spark plugs
  • A dirty or damaged carburetor


Move the mower to a warmer place if it is cold. Pour more gas into the tank to warm up the fuel line and melt the frozen fuel. 

You might have a dead battery if the engine fails to crank. Inspect the battery for signs of wear, such as fluid dripping and swelling. Replace a worn battery, especially if it is over five years old.

Gravely mowers may fail to start due to clogged or overused air and fuel filters. You can clean or replace the filters if they are severely worn out. You must change your spark plugs after 25 hours of service. 

Attend to the carburetor by disassembling it for inspection. Clean the carb if it is dirty and substitute damaged parts with new ones.

Smoke Emission

You’ll notice some Gravely ZT HD 52 problems via excess smoke production. The lawn mower will smoke due to various reasons, primarily oil spills. Oil heats up and produces white or blue smoke when it spills on the engine surface.

Black smoke emission is a sign of the engine running rich. The gas-to-air ratio is higher, meaning something is restricting air flow, possibly a dirty air filter or carburetor troubles. 

Moreover, smoke signals low engine oil. The inadequate lubrication causes friction, and the resultant heat produces smoke. 


It’s advisable to address excess smoke emissions promptly before the issue gets more complicated. As is evident, oiling is the focal point, especially if the smoke is blue or white. Always use adequate lubricant for the engine, and wipe off spills. Lubricate moving parts to prevent wear due to friction.

Black smoke production means the gas-to-air ratio is off. You should check the state of the air filter and carburetor. A dirty or beat air filter affects air intake. Inspect the air filter after every 25 hours and get a new one after 100 hours or every season. Work on the carburetor to ensure it is fully functional for proper fuel and air intake control and mixing. 

The Mower Vibrates a lot

Lawn mower vibrating is one of the Gravely ZT HD 52 problems that many landscapers can relate to. The trouble may be temporary, like when tending to a hilly yard. However, it may be a severe hiccup if it persists and is accompanied by high-pitched sounds.

Most of the time, the deck takes the blame due to trapped debris, loose mountings, and blade damage. Additionally, the mowing height may be off. 

How To Fix

Is the deck’s mowing height suitable for your lawn? You can adjust the height by a level or two and see if the shaking persists. You should check under the deck for the state of the blades if you still notice the shaking.

Sharpen and balance the cutters for the best service and change them if they are out of service. Finally, tighten loose screws and bolts. 

Transmission Failure

The Gravely ZT HD 52 zero-turn mower comes with a reliable hydrostatic transmission. While this transmission unit is robust, it may occasionally malfunction. A noticeable sign of this setback is sluggish operation. 

Your Gravely mower will experience transmission failure due to low or stale transmission fluid, a bad drive belt, and a worn tensioner pulley.

The Fix

Start fixing the transmission by confirming the fluid levels. Regularly change the fluid and check for leaks. In case of a leak, you should seal the crack to prevent fluid loss. Replace damaged drive belts and tensioner pulleys to avoid a recurrence of the troubles.

The Mower Doesn’t Drive Straight

The steering unit is the source of various Gravely ZT HD 52 hiccups. It is no secret that learning how to operate a zero-turn mower is quite challenging as you steer it via levers. The good news is that you can learn the ropes of zero-turn mowers fast. 

The snag with this Gravely zero-turn is that it may fail to drive straight. It might slant to one side, and sometimes turning is difficult. The wheels’ pressure may be unequal, or you have bad dampers. Other times, the rear wheels may be out of sync, with one moving faster than the other. Failure to drive correctly may lead to scalping and uneven cuts in the yard. 


Ensure that the wheels have equal pressure. Tracking adjustment will solve out-of-sync wheels, and they will move at the same pace. Get new dampers if the ones you got are failing.

Are Gravely ZT HD 52 Problems a Deal Breaker?

Gravely ZT HD problems aren’t necessarily deal breakers. The issues are minor and avoidable if you use the lawn mower correctly. Always consult a qualified mechanic or the service center for complex problems with Gravely zero turn mowers.