7 Most Common Evolution Golf Cart Problems and Effective Fixes

Evolution golf carts are great autos for navigating through fields, driveways, and golf courses. They have a solid build and can help you travel more quickly.

A new Evolution golf cart is less likely to have problems, but with time, wear and tear may bring several issues. So, what problems should you be aware of when using this golf cart? The most common Evolution golf cart problems are battery issues, solenoid problems, motor issues, direction switch problems, ignition problems, speed control issues, and brake issues.

Read on as we dissect these problems, including Evolution golf cart troubleshooting.

Evolution Golf Cart Battery Problems

Battery issues can take months or years to develop, depending on how often your Evolution golf cart has worked. You can’t avoid this problem whether you’re using or storing your cart. With time, the battery may begin to get drained quickly or have low-power issues.

When these issues begin, your Evolution cart may not start or run properly. Sometimes, your cart may have stuttering issues after starting. If not fixed on time, you’ll end up with a dead battery that can’t power your cart.

Problems with your cart’s battery usually result from corroded terminals, loose connections, a low electrolyte level, battery charger failure, and a dead battery.

How To Fix

  • Inspect for signs of dirt or corrosion on the terminals. If any, clean the terminals using baking soda, a rag, and an old toothbrush.
  • Check for loose connections. If any, align and secure them.
  • Use a multimeter to determine if you’re dealing with low voltage. In the case of a low battery, charge it to full capacity.
  • Use a level indicator to check for a low electrolyte level. If low, top up with distilled water as necessary.
  • If you’ve done all the above, but your battery won’t work, replace it.

Faulty Solenoid

Solenoid issues are among the most reported Evolution golf cart problems. The solenoid in your Evolution golf cart may develop problems due to frequent usage. When this happens, power from the motor to the switch can be disrupted, and the switch may fail to work. You can tell your solenoid is faulty if the machine doesn’t make a clicking noise when starting the cart.

A bad solenoid will also cause your cart to shake or suddenly stop to operate. At the initial stages, you’ll notice your cart has problems starting. You can diagnose this problem by inspecting the solenoid to see if it’s worn out.  

How To Fix

A solenoid problem can be hard to fix on your own. You’ll need to take your cart to a repair shop. However, you can try the following:

  • Inspect all connections. If there are loose connections, disconnect and reconnect them firmly.
  • Replace frayed and broken wires
  • Inspect the solenoid for burns. A mechanic in the nearest repair shop can help replace it if it appears burnt.

Motor Problems

Your Evolution cart will make weird noises if the motor is faulty. With time, your cart develops starting problems and eventually fails to start. Motor problems may result from corroded or loose connections. Older Evolution carts will likely have burned-out motors that stop them from working.

How To Fix

  • Inspect the connections from the motor. If you notice loose wires, disconnect and reconnect them firmly. If the wires appear corroded, replace them.
  • Reset the motor. Locate the reset button (you’ll find it near the main power supply) and press it. Resetting can help solve most motor problems.
  • If the motor looks burned out or has internal component damage, take it to a repair shop for fixing or replacement.

Brake Issues

Brake issues are among the most common Evolution golf cart problems that come with extensive use. Regular brake system maintenance is vital in ensuring your brakes respond when applied. If the brakes have a problem, you may notice issues with hard braking.

Problems with braking in your golf cart can result from insufficient brake fluid and worn-out or defective brake pads. Hard braking usually results from inadequate brake fluid.

The brake pads should prevent sudden braking if your cart has enough fluid. You’ll need to inspect the brake pads if the brake problem persists.

How To Fix

  • Top up the brake fluid if it’s insufficient.
  • Inspect the brake pads. You’ll need to check whether they’re worn out or damaged. If the brake pads are the culprit, replace them. You can do this by unscrewing and removing the wheels. Then access the brake pads and remove them.

Direction Switch Problems

The direction switch on an Evolution golf cart allows you to move your cart where you want. It’s designed to last, but with regular shifting over the years, it can suffer from wear and tear.

A faulty direction switch creates problems when moving the cart forward or backward. Your cart may either get stuck in forward or reverse mode. While rare, you may buy your cart with a faulty direction switch. So, ensure the switch works correctly before buying the cart.

How To Fix

  • If the switch won’t allow smooth shifting from forward to backward and vice versa, take the cart to a mechanic to replace it. Keep in mind that the cost of replacing the switch can be higher.

Speed Control Problems

Does your Evolution golf cart struggle to maintain speed? The problem might be coming from the speed controller. The speed can suddenly become uncontrollable in severe cases, leading to accidents. The main causes of speed control issues are:

  • Worn out potentiometer. When the potentiometer wears out due to heavy use, it can fail to regulate the carriage’s speed.
  • Faulty or loose connections.

How To Fix

  • If the potentiometer is worn out, your mechanic can help replace it.
  • If the problem emanates from loose connections, secure the loose wiring or replace the faulty ones. Doing this alone can sometimes be tricky, so seek a mechanic’s help. The mechanic may also decide to replace the controller.

Ignition Problems

Ignition problems in your Evolution golf cart can occur even if the battery is clean, charged, or new. You may want to inspect the cart’s ignition if the battery has no issue.

A faulty ignition can prevent your golf cart from starting. It fails to supply power to the ignition system and motor when starting the machine. Ignition problems in your cart may result from the following:

  • Loose wires around the ignition system
  • Wear and tear on the ignition switch due to extensive or improper use

How To Fix

  • Check the ignition system for loose wires and secure them.
  • If the ignition is faulty due to wear and tear, take the cart to a repair shop and get the ignition replaced.

Are Evolution Golf Cart Problems a Deal Breaker?

With all these problems, one may wonder, “Are Evolution golf carts good? These carts come with the latest technology and features and are available at reasonable prices. They are eco-friendly, durable, and gentler on your lawn.

Like other vehicles, your golf cart will develop some of these problems with time. Fortunately, most evolution golf cart issues are easy to fix. You can also take the golf cart to a repair shop to get it diagnosed and fixed.