8 Most Common Country Clipper Mower Problems and Effective Fixes

Country Clipper zero-turn mowers took the market by storm in 1984 with their versatility and innovation.

Many years down the line, Country Clipper lawn mowers are still a popular choice for home and business owners. However, the latest Country Clipper mowers have had their fair share of issues. The most common Country Clipper mower problems are starting issues, engine refusal to turn off, blades won’t turn, joystick problems, tires feeling bumpy, blades won’t disengage, broken plastic housing, and unsightly tracks after mowing.

Herein is an in-depth dissection of these problems and effective ways of fixing them. Let’s dive straight into it.

The Engine Fails to Start

On many Country Clipper mower reviews, owners have complained about the engine failing to start, despite several start-up attempts. The most common reasons for this issue include:

  • A dead battery
  • Empty fuel tank
  • Dirty carburetors
  • Old and stale gas
  • Obstructed gas lines

The first thing to do when your Country Clipper engine doesn’t turn over is to check the fuel tank. Refill the fuel tank if empty, and the engine should start without a hitch. Use a multimeter to check if there’s any juice in the battery. If none, use a compatible battery charger to charge the battery and breathe life into the engine.

Next, check the carburetor for any dirt or clogs. A dirty carburetor will disrupt the required air-fuel mixture to start the engine, leading to engine failure. Remove the carburetor and use a high-quality cleaner and nylon brush to scrub the carburetor clean. Re-install the carburetor, and the engine should work fine.

If you find any obstructions in the gas line, remove the fuel lines and spray compressed air into them to clear them of gunk or debris. Once clean, put them back in the lawn mower and start the engine. Consider replacing the fuel lines and filter for severe cases to prevent recurring problems.

Gasoline goes stale after about three to six months. Stale gas lacks volatility and combustibility and can lead to engine failure. Replacing it with fresh gas should solve this and many other Country Clipper mower problems.

The Engine Doesn’t Turn Off

A faulty ignition switch may prevent your Country Clipper mower from shutting down, leading to fuel wastage.

Replacing the ignition switch will solve this issue. Sometimes the engine fails to shut down because of malfunctioning spark plugs. Try removing and replacing them with new ones. If that doesn’t work, the mower likely has wiring issues.

The Blades Won’t Turn

Non-turning blades preclude your Country Clipper mower’s ability to cut grass. If the engine turns over, but the cutting blades don’t rotate, the mower likely has a wiring issue or malfunctioning electrical components. Alternatively, the issue might be a broken or tangled deck belt that keeps the blades from rotating.

In the case of faulty wiring, remove the front deck to gain access to the mower’s internal components. Check for any disconnections or damaged wires before putting back the deck cover. Call a licensed mechanic to diagnose and repair the issue in the case of damaged wires. Some wiring issues are complex, and DIY repairs might do more harm than good.

The deck belt rotates the cutting blades through a pulley system of idlers. Position your deck to its lowest setting and check the belt for damage. Replace the belt if damaged, worn out, or broken.

Consult a mechanic if the deck belt and electrical components are fine but the issue persists. Some Country Clipper mower problems are best handled by pros. A licensed mechanic should help get to the root of the issue and find the best way forward.

A faulty blade clutch might also keep the cutting blades from rotating. The blade clutch prevents the blades from rotating unless engaged by the operator. It’s a safety precaution to prevent the blades from spinning accidentally. 

Remove the blade clutch and visually inspect it for damage. Check the manual for guidelines on replacement parts for blade clutch damage and how to replace them.

Problems With the Joystick

Country Clipper joystick problems are among the most common and annoying Country Clipper problems. With continued use, the mower’s joystick wears out and makes strange noises. The strange noises indicate debris build-up inside the joystick mechanism.

Open up the joystick module and remove any gunk or debris inside. If the joystick is too worn-out, consider replacing it.

The Tires Feel Bumpy

Mowing with Country Clipper lawn mowers is usually a breeze. However, the mower’s tires tend to get a tad bumpy over time. This bumpiness is a sign of worn tires, and replacing the tires will give you the reprieve you need.

Tires wear out faster when you use the lawn mower in rough and uneven terrain. You can use sealant to reduce the impact of the rough surface on your tires.

Broken Plastic Housing

Shivver builds its Country Clipper mowers to last a long time. But with heavy use, the plastic casing will likely give way. 

This is one of the most dangerous Country Clipper mower problems because it exposes you to flying debris while mowing. Replace the housing to protect your safety.

The Blades Don’t Stop Turning

Some Country Clipper owners have complained that the mower’s blades won’t disengage. This issue results from a faulty solenoid or an obstruction in the blades. Symptoms of a faulty solenoid include problems accelerating, unsteady idling, and the engine shutting down suddenly.

Run power through the solenoid to check whether it works fine. Connect the solenoid to the batteries and watch for movement. The solenoid should move into the housing when power runs through it. If it doesn’t, it’s faulty and needs replacing.

An obstruction in the blades is easier to fix. Reach into the blades and remove whatever’s obstructing them. Use a wrench to eject stubborn objects that are hard to remove by hand.

Country Clipper Mower Leaves Unsightly Tracks on the Lawn

Ugly tracks on the lawn after mowing defeats the point of mowing. These ugly tracks usually point to blunt or defective blades. Blunt blades bruise instead of cutting the grass, hindering proper growth and browning the grass. It also makes the lawn more vulnerable to pests and disease.

Removing and sharpening the blades will solve this problem. If sharpening the blades doesn’t do it, you may have misaligned blades.

To fix this issue, pull the alignment pin from the blade. Next, remove the wooden block and turn one blade until it’s perpendicular to the other. Doing so should stop the mower from making ugly tracks on your lawn.

Maintenance Tips to Prevent Common Country Clipper Lawn Mower Problems

Proper maintenance is imperative to the smooth functionality and longevity of your Country Clipper lawn mower. Here are a couple of maintenance tips to keep your Country Clipper mower in tip-top shape:

Top-Off the Gas Regularly

It’s a bad idea to starve your lawn mower of gas. Low fuel creates a vacuum in the fuel tank that sucks in dust and debris. These impurities contaminate the fuel and clog up fuel lines, causing engine failure.

Clean the Air Filter

Clean the air filter regularly to prevent the build-up of dust and debris. Use a nylon brush and a cleaning solution to clean these filters and ensure smooth air passage into the engine.

Sharpen and Replace Blades

The blades of your Country Clipper lawn mower are bound to take a beating with time. Regularly sharpen these blades to ensure they cut grass cleanly. Replace worn-out blades but ensure you align them correctly.

Cut Tall and Wet Grass at Full Throttle

Cutting tall or wet grass at low throttle strains the lawn mower and shortens its lifespan. Always use full throttle for tall and wet grass.

Lawn Mowers Aren’t Perfect

While these Country Clipper mower problems make the lawn mower a hard sell, it’s worth noting that no lawn mower is perfect. Most of these problems are standard with lawnmowers and aren’t unique to Country Clippers. What’s more, you can fix some of the above issues with basic tools. Call a mechanic if necessary.