8 Common CFMOTO ZFORCE 800 Problems and Effective Fixes

The CFMOTO ZFORCE 800 is an entry-level side-by-side. Its modest size, solid build quality, and standard features make it an excellent UTV for beginners and experienced riders.

This UTV features a powerful engine that ensures outstanding performance despite the terrain’s condition. Unfortunately, this CFMOTO model encounters problems from time to time. The most common CFMOTO ZFORCE 800 problems are unusual acceleration, electrical power steering failure, starting difficulties, engine noise, overheating, abnormal wheel runout, unstable idle speed, and poor brake performance.

These issues occur due to poor maintenance, vehicle abuse, riding styles, or wear and tear. But how do you fix your CFMOTO ZFORCE 800? Herein is a detailed guide.

Unusual Acceleration

A side-by-side with a stellar performance at low or high speeds can handle any terrain you toss at it. But that’s not what you get with your CFMOTO ZFORCE 800. Owners report that the UTV is only reliable at low speeds.

Your UTV’s acceleration might feel restrained and underpowered. This issue can be frustrating, especially when riding long distances. Several issues can cause poor acceleration in your UTV. They include the following:

  • Faulty throttle position sensor
  • Bad gas
  • Dust stuck in the stock air filter

Effective Fixes:

Riding in dusty areas can cause dust to accumulate on the air filter or throttle body. Access the air filter and clean it with warm soapy water. If you find dust and gunk lodged in the filter, consider replacing it.

Then inspect the throttle body for dust and debris. Clean all the throttle body components, including the sensor, to remove dirt and debris. Test the throttle position sensor with a digital multimeter and replace it if it’s faulty.

Examine the fuel system and drain the gas if it’s dirty, old, or contaminated. Then replace the fuel filter and clean the fuel lines. Lastly, refill the tank with fresh gas and add a fuel stabilizer.

Starting Difficulties

Over time, your CFMOTO ZFORCE 800 might have difficulty starting or a no-start problem. If the engine struggles to start, the culprit might be a malfunctioning battery, faulty wiring, or a failing fuel pump.

Sometimes, trouble codes P0122, and P0351-P0352 can accompany starting problems in your side-by-side.


Start by examining the battery to ensure it’s in good shape. Recharge the battery and secure the cable connections. If the terminals are dirty or corroded, clean them.

Then inspect the wiring and connections that power the ignition system. Secure loose connections and replace worn or broken wires. Ensure the spark plugs, the main fuse, and the alternator are functional.

If the UTV starting difficulties persist, inspect the fuel pump. Clean it if clogged and replace it if necessary.

If the vehicle’s ECM throws error codes and the engine doesn’t start, use a diagnostic tool to read and clear them. Then troubleshoot the underlying problem.

Electrical Power Steering Failure

One of the most reported CFMOTO ZFORCE 800 problems is the electrical power steering (EPS) failure. Several riders claim the EPS failure occurs with their four-wheelers covering less than 200 miles. When this issue occurs, the EPS can become loose or quit while making right turns.

EPS failure results from a design flaw. When riding in bumpy areas, the tire can hit something hard, causing the EPS sensor to shut down. And when this happens, the EPS will be unresponsive.

Effective Fixes:

You can resolve this EPS failure problem by replacing the Engine Control Module (ECM).

There are also ways you can prevent this issue from occurring in the future. First, avoid hitting hard objects that might damage the sensor. Then apply light pressure on the UTV’s shifter when getting on or off the throttle.

Poor Brake Performance

UTV brake pads wear out due to excessive use and cause poor performance. However, issues with the brakes in the CFMOTO ZFORCE 800 can occur earlier than expected.

You might notice that the UTV stops slowly after applying brakes. This issue can pose safety risks, especially when you want to make emergency stops. Below are the issues that can cause poor brake performance in your side-by-side:

  • Worn brake pads
  • Insufficient or contaminated brake fluid
  • Air in the brakes

Effective Fixes:

Start by checking the level and condition of the brake fluid. If the brake system suffers from insufficient fluid, add more into the reservoir. You can change the brake fluid if you find it dirty or contaminated.

If the brake pads appear worn, replace them.

Air in the brakes is a common issue with this CFMOTO model. So, bleed the brakes (remove air in the brakes) to boost your UTV’s stopping power.

Noisy Engine

UTVs can get noisy after tackling rough terrains for an extended period. But the vehicle might have severe issues if you hear noise from your CFMOTO ZFORCE 800 engine. You might hear rattling or loud knocking due to a problematic valve train, oil filter, pressure sensor, or connecting rod/bearing.


If your UTV engine becomes noisy, stop the engine and inspect the defective parts. Check for worn or faulty valve train, pressure sensor, and connecting rod/bearing. If you find any problematic component, replace it.

Examine and replace the oil filter if iron flaking and other components block oil flow.

Examine the clutch to see if it’s the cause of rattling noise or loud knocks. The clutch might be noisy due to poor installation or loose bolts. Tighten the loose bolts if necessary. You can take your UTV to a dealership or licensed mechanic to fix a poorly installed clutch.


Like most CFMOTO ZFORCE 800 problems, the engine can overheat due to poor maintenance or vehicle abuse. If the engine overheats, the UTV might lose power and accelerate poorly. The engine can succumb to irreparable damage if you continue driving while it’s overheating.

The causes of engine overheating in this UTV are:

  • Defective radiator fan
  • Insufficient coolant
  • Faulty water pump
  • Clogged air filter


Inspect the radiator fan and clean it to remove stuck mud and debris. If the fan is defective, replace it with a compatible digital radiator fan. You can also examine the air filter and clean it to remove accumulated dirt.

Then check the coolant level and refill the reservoir if necessary. Air trapped in the cooling system can affect the flow of coolant. Bleed the coolant system to remove this air.

Examine the water pump to see if it circulates coolant as expected. A failing water pump doesn’t distribute the coolant, causing the engine to overheat. Replace the pump if it looks worn, corroded, and causing coolant leaks.

Unstable Idle Speed

Idle speed instability is a common issue with the CFMOTO ZFORCE 800 side-by-side. The UTV’s idle speed at operating temperature should be around 1300 RPM.

However, when you switch on the electric components, your vehicle might have erratic idle speed issues. Failure to address this problem can cause poor performance and damage to the engine.


The UTV’s fuel injection system makes adjusting the idle speed at home difficult. So if you get abnormal idle speed at operating temperature, take the UTV to a dealership to fix the problem.

Abnormal Wheel Runout

Does your CFMOTO ZFORCE 800 bounce or shake at speeds exceeding 20 mph? If so, your vehicle might have an abnormal front or rear wheel runout. This issue can occur due to the following:

  • Bent rim
  • Improper tire mounting
  • Carrying heavy loads for prolonged periods

Effective Fixes:

If the rims look bent beyond repair, consider replacing them. Hire a professional tire expert to restore their shape in case of minor bents.

Improper tire mounting can also cause wheel runouts. Install the tires appropriately and inflate them according to their recommended psi. Lastly, avoid carrying heavy loads for prolonged periods to prevent this issue from occurring in the future.

CFMOTO ZFORCE 800 problems

Are CFMOTO ZFORCE 800 Problems a Deal Breaker?

CFMOTO ZFORCE 800 issues should not discourage you from owning this side-by-side. Despite having several problems, this vehicle will be reliable over the years when properly maintained.

Always inspect your CFMOTO ZFORCE 800 to spot and address these problems earlier. If you can’t fix a problem with the UTV, contact the dealership or a licensed mechanic for help.