6 Most Common CF MOTO 500 Problems and Effective Fixes

The CF MOTO 500 is a workhorse, supported by features like a potent 495cc 4-stroke engine, an 873-pound towing capacity, high-intensity LED lights, and a robust suspension system. Its rugged appearance matches its performance on punishing terrains.

While this CF MOTO model is an excellent catch, you should be ready for minor issues. The most common CF MOTO 500 problems are starting difficulties, fire hazards, failing brakes, power steering failure, overheating, and stalling.

Are you contemplating getting the CF MOTO 500 quad? Learn more about the potential CF MOTO  problems you’ll face and how to counter them. 

Starting Difficulties 

Starting difficulties are among the common CFMOTO problems. These ATVs may take a long time to turn over or fail to start in severe cases. But why won’t the quad start?

Most of the time, the issue originates from the electrical system. The battery’s charge may be low or past its service life. Other possible causes of a problematic start are:

  • Worn-out spark plugs
  • Faulty connections
  • A defective starter
  • Low or substandard gas
  • Cold weather
  • Insufficient airflow

The Fix:

You address CF MOTO 500 starting problems by establishing their genesis. Probe the battery and electrical connections, as they are the top culprits behind the ignition hiccups. 

Test the battery to see if it has enough charge. A reading below 12 volts indicates a problem. You can boost the battery by jump starting it or replacing it if it is no longer functional.

Inspect the terminals for corrosion, as the buildup can prevent adequate current flow. Clean corroded terminals with sandpaper and tighten the connection.

Ensure you have enough gas in your tank, and stick to the quality the manufacturer recommends. Low-grade fuel may lead to secondary complications, like engine damage.

Did you notice clicking noises when starting the quad bike? If yes, you may have a faulty starter, which calls for a replacement. In case of cold weather, you should move the ATV to a warmer place before turning it on again.

Fire Hazard Risk

You will save yourself from several CF MOTO 500 problems by steering clear of the 2017-2018 EPS models. Also known as CF MOTO 500S, these models feature a power steering unit and got recalled in 2018 due to a fire hazard risk. The fuel hoses of the 2017/18 500s are prone to cracking, and the leaking fuel can trigger fires.


You should avoid the 2017-2018 CF MOTO 500S. If you are buying a used ATV, you should check its serial numbers to be sure you are not getting a blacklisted model.

Failing Brakes

This quad bike’s brakes may fail after prolonged use. You will notice signs like a delayed braking response, stiff pedals, and noises when braking.

The brakes may fail due to worn-out parts, the need for a hydraulic fluid change, or air bubbles in the fluid. Problematic brakes need prompt attention due to the associated risks.


You solve the brake snag by first pointing out the root. Inspect the quad’s brake pads and replace them if they are past their service life. Always get high-quality replacement parts for efficiency.

Next, check the hydraulic fluid level and refill if low. Bleeding the brake system is necessary for a fluid change and the expulsion of air bubbles.

Power Steering Failure

A malfunctioning power steering is the source of several CF MOTO 500 problems. The setbacks include difficulty steering the quad bike and the power steering unit failing, especially when turning. The power steering sensor may turn off when you hit something on the road, affecting the steering unit’s functionality.

You may encounter faulty steering with your ATV due to a bad battery, insufficient fluid, air in the system, and trouble with the ECM.

The Fix:

Power steering failure calls for the system’s disassembly to determine the cause. You should note the characteristics of the hiccup for easy inspection. For instance, the electrical unit may be the culprit if the steering misfires after turning on the fan. Low voltage, loose connections, or a defective ECM can be the issue.

You should check the battery’s state and replace it if necessary. Tighten the connections and get a new ECM. Also, investigate for broken parts and repair or replace them.

The steering hitch might be due to insufficient fluid or air in the fluid. When your ATV has either of the mentioned issues, the steering is challenging to control and is accompanied by strange noises or a burning odor. Such a situation calls for bleeding of the hydraulic unit to eliminate air and change the fluid.


Overheating is commonplace among ATVs and other four-wheelers. Most of the time, a defective cooling system is to blame for the hiked engine temperatures. Your CFMOTO 500 may have low coolant, a clogged coolant hose, a dirty or leaking radiator, or a bad fan. 

Other times, you can trace the complication to insufficient engine oil and overloading. Overheating may cause the ATV to stall. Nonetheless, you have to stop the ATV before you incur further damage.

How To Fix:

Let the ATV’s engine cool before attending to it. Probe parts of the cooling unit to find out the snag. Ensure you have enough coolant and that the system is not leaking. Clean the radiator and fan, and fix them if broken. Regular oil changes will prevent overheating. Never push the CF MOTO 500 past its operation limits.


If your quad bike stalls, there is a high chance that the fuel system is faulty. The muddle may result from inadequate or poor-quality gas, a beat pump, or a clogged fuel line.

This CF MOTO model will also stall due to a vapor block. Here, the fuel vaporizes and affects the fuel pump’s operation. Overheating is another culprit behind the power loss.

The Fix:

Fill up your gas tank with top-grade fuel if it is empty. If the hiccup persists, you should inspect the entire fuel system. As mentioned earlier, there is a high chance that you are dealing with a vapor block.

Opening the gas cap can relieve the pressure, though it is a temporary solution, as the issue may recur. You need to modify the fuel system to avoid vapor block. Clean the fuel line or use a vacuum pump to unclog a blocked line. Remember to replace the fuel pump if it is faulty. 

Final Thoughts

CF MOTO 500 problems should not discourage you from going for this model. You can address these everyday troubles from your garage using the proper tools. Stay ahead of the highlighted problems by regularly maintaining and driving the ATV correctly.