6 Most Common Bobcat 3400 Problems and Effective Fixes

The Bobcat 3400 is everything you would want in a side-by-side. Its rugged look is a spoiler of its excellent off-roading capability and resiliency. These are crucial features to look for in a farming or recreational utility. However, the Bobcat 3400 isn’t immune to issues. The most common Bobcat 3400 problems are excessive vibrations, stalling, dirty injectors, shifting problems, overheating, and failure of the four-wheel drive to engage.

Read on as we will look at these issues in detail and how to fix them.

Shaking and Noises

The Bobcat 3400 is a diesel UTV. The advantages of diesel UTVs over petrol ones include robustness and resilience, which makes them perfect for rough driving conditions, such as in farms. The major downside of the diesel side-by-sides is the rough and noisy operation.

These Bobcat 3400 diesel problems can make the ride uncomfortable. The shaking may also be due to an issue with the wheels or suspension system.

The Fix

It is hard to fix the shaking and noise from the diesel engine. You have to get used to the slight inconvenience. However, you must inspect the suspension system if the noises and vibrations are too pronounced. 

Sometimes, the problem may be due to the state of the terrain, which is a temporary hiccup. Regarding the suspension system, your wheels may be the issue. Ensure the tires are fully inflated and aligned, and replace the shocks.

Engine Stalling

A failing engine is one of the common Bobcat 3400 problems. The engine might fail for various reasons, primarily a hitch with the fuel line. You may have inadequate fuel, contaminated or low-quality diesel. 

Water is the primary contaminant of diesel engines and presents signs like rough driving and a problematic start. Other times, the fuel pump is faulty, or you have a clogged fuel line. 

How To Fix

A stalling engine is a frustrating problem that you need to address earlier before it affects your workflow. You start by checking if you have enough fuel. If the tank is empty, you should fill it with high-quality diesel. 

You must clean the fuel line in case of contamination. Prevent water contamination by inspecting the gas tank, sealing cracks, and other potential entry points.

Dirty Injectors

Dirty injectors are commonplace with diesel UTVs. Over time, injectors may accumulate gunk, affecting the engine’s performance. The injectors may also fail due to wear and tear. Signs of diesel injector failure include a rough idle, sudden stalling, poor fuel economy, and misfiring.


You can either clean or replace failing injectors, depending on their condition. When you notice the mentioned signs, you should probe the state of the injectors. 

Cleaning dirty injectors is straightforward, requiring you to detach the fuel pump connections from the injectors. Connect the injectors to the cleaning kit filled with fuel injector cleaner. 

Start the UTV to send the cleaner into the injectors to eliminate the carbon buildup. After the cleanup, you unplug the cleaning kit and connect the injectors to the fuel pump. When replacing the fuel injectors, you should always go for high-grade parts that will serve you for a long time.

Transmission Issues

Numerous Bobcat 3400 problems originate from a faulty transmission system. This Bobcat UTV uses a continuous variable transmission, which will wear over time despite being reliable. Signs of Bobcat 3400 transmission problems include delayed shifting, slipping, difficulty in changing gears, or grinding noise when shifting.

Probable causes of the troubles are low transmission oil and damaged parts. Air in the transmission fluid may also lead to shifting issues, and the unit will heat up fast due to inadequate heat transfer. 

The Fix

You address Bobcat 3400 shifting problems by probing the entire transmission unit. Before refilling transmission fluid, checking for leakage would help, especially if the fluid gets depleted fast. You can seal the leaks in the system or replace the entire unit to avoid a recurrence. 

Air bubbles in the transmission fluid may indicate a faulty filter, calling for its replacement. Furthermore, you should get new clutches and drive belts if they are out of service. Always get OEM-standard parts to avoid a repeat of the situation.

Four-Wheel Drive Does Not Engage

The Bobcat 3400’s four-wheel drive mode may fail to engage, mainly if you haven’t used it in a long time. The long period between engaging the drive mode may lead to rusting of the parts, and movement will be problematic. Sometimes, you may get a false alert from the 4WD light, hinting at a hitch with the ECU.


You can avoid the 4WD engagement trouble by regularly engaging the drive mode. The frequent movement of the associated parts prevents rust buildup and will effortlessly move when you engage it. Also, attend to the ECU to prevent it from throwing false alerts.

Engine Overheating

The Bobcat 3400 will occasionally overheat, with leaking coolant being the primary culprit. You will notice excess smoking from the hood, and a sweet sickly scent, a sign of burning coolant. 

You may also have insufficient or excess oil. In the latter situation, the lubricant may spill on the engine, giving a burning odor.

How To Fix

You should stop the UTV immediately after you detect the overheating issue. After the engine cools, you can get to the root of the problem. A sweet sickly scent is a sign of coolant issues. The reservoir may leak, calling for a fast fix to sort the problem. 

You should regularly change the engine oil, as stale oil can contribute to the complication. Also, check the thermostat and replace it if it is malfunctioning.

So, Are Bobcat 3400 Problems Fixable?

Bobcat 3400 issues are fixable, and most are avoidable with routine maintenance. Engine stalling is the most common nuisance you may encounter with this side-by-side. You deal with stalling by ensuring the fuel system is sound. Get high-quality diesel and clean the injectors regularly.

Some issues, like failing transmission and 4WD malfunctions, may require professional attention from a qualified mechanic.