6 Most Common Bennche UTV Problems and How to Fix Them

Bennche utility vehicles have powerful, high-performance engines and are durable, with rugged exteriors. However, beyond the flashy features lie a host of Bennche UTV issues that you should be aware of. The most common Bennche UTV problems are gear shifting issues, overheating, problematic starts, abrupt stopping, suspension issues, and smoke emission.

Read on as we dissect issues with Bennche UTVs and how to fix them.

Problems With Gear Shifting

Shifting gears on Bennche UTVs can be difficult, especially on older UTVs. You may have difficulty shifting into third gear if your Bennche has more than 8,000 miles. If this happens, your first impulse would be to change the oil. Unfortunately, this will do very little to solve the issue.

The best way to solve the problem is to try shifting gears without the engine running. If the gears don’t shift with the engine off, then the problem is with the gear-shifting mechanism. The clutch or belt is to blame if you have shifting issues while the engine is running.

Try topping up the transmission fuel and check for any changes. If the problem persists, call a licensed mechanic to inspect the clutch. The mechanic will either clean the clutch, replace the clutch spring, or align the clutch and its belt. Worn-out or shredded belts may warrant replacement.


Most Bennche UTV owners complain of frequent overheating. There are three main reasons for this issue. They include:

Faulty Fan Switch

The fan switch automatically switches the fan on when temperatures in your Bennche UTV get too high. The temperature sensors in the fan switch are factory set, meaning the fans only activate when temperatures exceed a certain point. This setting is a huge problem when internal temperatures aren’t high enough to kick on the fans but are high enough to leave you sweating.

You can bypass this fan switch by installing a toggle switch on the dash that lets you turn on the fan whenever you want to. Alternatively, you can rig the fan to turn on when you turn on the engine.

Blown Head Gaskets

Head gaskets seal the engine’s compression chambers to provide enough compression for adequate engine power. Overheating causes the head gaskets to blow up, which worsens the overheating. The only solution to blown head gaskets is to replace them.

Air Bubble in the Coolant System

Air bubbles in your coolant system occur when air enters the system and creates an air bubble that precludes the coolant system from functioning. This is among the more common Bennche UTV problems that could lead to significant issues if overlooked.

The best solution for this problem is to bleed out the air bubble using the bleeder bolt. A mechanic will help you do so in record time.

The Engine Won’t Start

Difficult starts are among the most frequent Bennche UTV issues. Most Bennche owners complain about engine failure during everyday use. The engine fails because of four main reasons, and they are:

Low Fuel

Check whether your Bennche UTV has enough fuel in it. If not, refill the fuel and start the engine.

Old Fuel

Stale, old fuel is detrimental to your UTV’s engine. If you’ve had the same fuel for over a year, replace it with new and better fuel. Consider premium fuel with additives and detergents that help clean the engine.

A Dead Battery

Bennche UTV problems might show up in the battery. When your battery gives way, so does your engine. Use a voltmeter to check whether your battery still has voltage. If it doesn’t, recharge it with a proper battery charger. If the battery contains juice, check whether the cables connecting your battery to the engine are secured and secure the loose ones.

Worn Out or Dirty Spark Plugs

Using your Bennche UTV extensively and driving it in muddy terrain will wear out the spark plugs or make them dirty. You can try cleaning dirty spark plugs, but consider replacing them if they’re too dirty or worn out.

Abrupt Stopping

Many Bennche UTV owners have complained about their UTVs suddenly stopping. You’d think this would be an engine problem or have something to do with the brakes. But far from that, this abrupt stopping is actually because of excessive moisture on the underbody shield.

Try putting a moisture absorber in the underbody shield to eliminate all the moisture. Alternatively, you can use a hair dryer to heat the excess moisture.

Issues With the Suspension

While driving your Bennche on flat land will be a breeze, it’s hard to say the same when you do so on rough surfaces. You’ll likely have trouble with the suspension and a very bumpy ride.

That said, Bennche UTVs boast nitrogen-filled Macpherson independent dual-arm suspension. This is a top-tier suspension that can conquer rocky and treacherous terrain. As such, suspension issues don’t have much to do with the suspension itself but rather the suspension mechanism.

You can enter 4WD and gain access to a new differential lock by pressing a button. It works great for slow speeds but might feel bumpy when you drive fast. The best solution is to drive in 2WD unless necessary.

Heavy Smoke From the Exhaust

Faulty cylinders will lead to your UTV producing thick, dark smoke. Thick, dark smoke can also come if you fail to take good care of your UTV. This could lead to defective piston rings and valve guides. Sometimes oil treatment with every oil change can help with the smoke, but this isn’t a shortcut to proper UTV maintenance.

Fixing Common Benche Problems Simplified

You should be able to make a well-informed decision about buying a Bennche UTV now that you know the most common Bennche UTV problems. Despite these issues, Bennche UTVs are high-performing and versatile machines that rarely disappoint. Addressing the above issues should be straightforward, but you can always hire a licensed mechanic if necessary.