Is Bahia Grass Good For Lawns?

bahia grass pros and cons

Bahia grass is suitable for lawns mainly because of its drought and heat resistance properties. It thrives where most grass types fail. If you live in an area with poorly …

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6 Worst Zero-Turn Mowers

zero turn lawn mower brands to avoid

Landscaping enthusiasts adore zero-turn mowers because of their unmatched maneuverability. However, not all zero-turn mowers match pleasant designs with functionality. Some need constant parts replacement. Others struggle while working in …

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5 Problems With Rural King Tractors

problems with rural king tractors

If you’ve scoured the internet for a new lawn tractor, you’ve probably come across the Rural King Tractor. This tractor has, over the years, helped homeowners execute dozens of landscaping …

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Does Grass Grow at Night?

Does grass grow at night

Does grass grow at night? Yes, grass grows at night. That’s because it absorbs sunlight during the day and converts it into energy. The grass then uses the energy to …

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