5 Most Common Advanced EV Golf Cart Problems + Effective Fixes

Advanced EV golf carts are low-speed electric vehicles designed to get around golf courses or neighborhoods. If you’re an electric golf cart enthusiast, an Advanced EV can be a great choice.

These carts deliver outstanding performance and speed to handle different terrains on golf courses and roads. However, these golf carts might have some issues when used extensively. The most common Advanced EV golf cart problems are battery issues, a faulty direction switch, a problematic speed controller, motor issues, and a faulty solenoid.

Thankfully, you can fix some of these issues with our Advanced EV golf cart troubleshooting guide.

Battery Issues

The battery is the leading cause of electric golf cart problems. It’s the primary source of power for your Advanced EV. So if your golf cart fails to start, the battery is the first component to check. Generally, battery issues occur after using the golf cart for an extended period.

If your cart’s battery is the cause of starting problems, it might have low power. The problem might also result from corroded terminals or a defective battery charger.

How to Fix:

The first thing to check is your battery’s voltage. A voltmeter will help you know whether you have an undercharged battery. If depleted, recharge the battery. However, if the battery fails to hold a charge, it might be dead and needs replacing.

If the battery is okay, inspect the terminals for dirt or corrosion. Clean any corroded terminal with a mixture of water and baking soda. Alternatively, you can buy battery terminal cleaners to remove the corrosion.

Next, if you’ve not been adding water to the battery, this might be the reason it won’t keep a charge. Check the level of water and add if necessary. Ensure the water covers the conductive plates and doesn’t fill all the way up.

When adding water to the battery, wear gloves and avoid spills. Clean your battery and the surface in case of any spills.

If the starting issue persists, use a multimeter to test for a defective battery charger. Replace the charger if necessary.

Faulty Direction Switch

The direction switch plays a significant role when moving your Advance EV golf cart forward or backward. If the switch is defective, you’ll face difficulties moving the cart in various directions. A faulty direction switch usually causes the golf cart to move in one direction.

With time, this switch suffers from excessive wear and tear, developing issues. The direction switch will fail due to loose connections or a faulty DC convertor.

How to Fix:

First, inspect any connections to the switch. If you find loose connections, secure them properly. You can also replace bad wiring.

A faulty DC convertor won’t supply power to the direction switch. If you can’t diagnose a faulty DC convertor, take your golf cart to a mechanic. The mechanic might replace the convertor or the entire direction switch.

Motor Issues

Some Advanced EV golf cart problems might originate from the motor. The golf cart might fail to start or become slower than usual. A whining sound can be a tell-tale sign that your motor has a problem.

If you’ve used your golf cart for a long time, the motor might succumb to damage. The leading causes of a failing motor include broken wiring, a damaged ignition switch, or a burnt motor.

In most cases, a burnt-out motor results from excess resistance to weight or poor traction.

How to Fix:

Before inspecting the wiring or the ignition switch, press the motor’s red reset button. In some cases, this step will fix motor issues. If the motor issues persist, examine the wiring and replace any broken wires.

If you suspect the ignition switch is the culprit, test it with a multimeter. A faulty ignition switch displays a reading far from the battery voltage. Replace the bad switch with a new one.

What if the problem persists after fixing the switch? Check for a burnt-out motor and replace the damaged part. Uninstall the motor and check for damaged bearings, worn brushes, or burnt field coils. If you can’t repair or replace the damaged parts, take the motor to a repair shop.

Speed Controller Issues

The speed controller regulates your Advanced EV’s speed by turning pressure from the pedal into electric signals. If the speed controller has issues, you might have trouble accelerating or maintaining speed. Your cart might experience sudden bumps or run too slow or too fast.

Quick turns and excessive friction are the leading causes of speed controller issues. If you suspect the controller is the culprit, check for loose connections, a faulty potentiometer, or frayed wires.

How to Fix:

Check the connections near the controller and secure those that appear loose. If you find any frayed wires, wrap them up with electrical tape.

Next, inspect the potentiometer for signs of damage. A multimeter should help you determine if you have a broken potentiometer. If you can’t repair or replace the potentiometer, take your golf cart to a mechanic.

Faulty Solenoid

The solenoid in your Advanced EV golf cart powers the starter switch. If the solenoid is in good condition, you’ll hear a “clicking sound” after starting the golf cart. However, a bad solenoid doesn’t produce a clicking sound.

If the solenoid is faulty, it won’t provide power to start the cart. Like several Advanced EV golf cart problems, a loose connection or damaged wires might be the cause. The problem might also originate from a broken coil.

How to Fix:

Inspect the wiring/connections to see if they appear damaged or loose. If there are broken wires, replace them. You can also wrap any frayed wires with electrical tape. Then, tighten all the connections and check if the two fixes solved the problem.

Check for a broken coil if you won’t hear the clicking sound. Replace it if necessary.

Who Makes Advanced EV Golf Carts?

Advanced EV is the manufacturer and distributor of Advanced EV golf carts. The company’s headquarters in Texas is also its manufacturing facility for golf carts.

Customers can choose from the brand’s EV1, Advent, and Advanced HD models. Besides making golf carts, Advanced EV manufactures cars, buses, and UTVs.

If you’re buying Advanced EV golf carts, you can do so via their website or look for an authorized dealer in the US.

Are Advanced EV Golf Carts Worth It?

Advanced EVs are reliable, durable, and affordable golf carts. If you go through most Advanced EV golf cart reviews, you’ll notice these carts are worth the investment. They are solidly built and easy to maintain.

You can customize your golf cart by tweaking around with different colors on the company’s website. Customization options allow you to see your cart’s appearance before purchase.

If you’re worried about replacement parts for your cart, it’s easier to get high-quality Advanced EV golf cart parts from local dealers.

These golf carts are also street legal in many states, thanks to various standard features that meet all street legal requirements.

Final Thoughts

We’ve looked into the most common issues you might experience with your Advanced EV cart. If you’re facing any of these problems, use the basic tools in your toolbox to fix them. Follow the instructions above to resolve these Advanced EV golf cart problems.

If there’s an issue you can’t fix yourself, take your golf cart to a local dealer or professional mechanic for help. Generally, regular maintenance ensures your golf cart stays in good condition.